Incognito Hidden Braces LogoWith lingual braces, you can enjoy the precise results of fixed braces without them being visible.

These braces use brackets that fit on the inside of your teeth, completely out of sight. They work just like traditional braces, using archwires to encourage your teeth to move into the ideal position.

Lingual braces are completely custom-made to fit your teeth. Using extremely accurate, three-dimensional scans of your teeth, our laboratory in Germany manufacures bespoke brackets to hug the contours of your teeth. The smooth fit is designed to make the braces as comfortable as possible.

What does the treatment involve?

  • We start your orthodontic treatment by taking 3D scans of your teeth. These replace the need to use messy alginate moulds – often the worst bit of the whole process.
  • These digital scans are sent to the laboratory where your braces are manufactured.
  • When we fit your brace, we clean and dry your teeth, then stick the brackets onto your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. The wires are then attached to these brackets.
  • We usually arrange appointments at 6 – 8 week intervals, to make adjustments to the brace and to ensure your teeth are moving as efficiently as possible.
  • Every case is different, but in most cases, the treatment lasts between 12 – 24 months.
  • Once the treatment is over, we remove your braces and scan your teeth for your custom-made retainer.

It’s normal to feel a slight discomfort when having braces fitted for the first time. This is a reaction to the teeth moving and does pass. It can be easily managed with painkillers such as paracetamol.

During your treatment, it’s important that you keep your mouth as clean as possible. We’ll discuss the best way to keep your teeth and braces clean during your appointments with us. We also strongly recommend that you have regular trips to the hygienist so any hard-to-reach areas are kept free of plaque and tartar.

Lingual Braces

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