Metal braces


Also known as ‘track-tracks’, metal fixed braces are the traditional choice for orthodontic treatment.

They are able to correct a multitude of problems, ranging from significantly misaligned or impacted teeth, severe bite problems to tidying up slightly crooked teeth.

Fixed braces are often more effective than removable aligners, especially when correcting more complex problems. The wires use gentle forces to gradually move teeth into the desired position. During regular appointments, we adjust the braces to ensure treatment progresses efficiently. Fixed braces give us more control over your teeth than removable braces, which allows us to achieve extremely precise results.

What does the treatment involve?

  • We start by taking x-rays and scans to get extremely accurate images of your teeth and their position in your mouth.
  • To fit your brace, we clean and dry your teeth, then stick the brackets onto your teeth with a strong dental adhesive. A thin wire, known as an archwire, connects the brackets together and is held in place with small elastic bands.
  • The archwires apply the gentle pressure required to move your teeth into the desired position. We use a number of different archwires during your treatment, starting with very thin, flexible wires and finishing with larger, stronger archwires.

Some people can experience a little discomfort during orthodontic treatment, particularly in the first few days after fitting or following a tightening appointment. Paracetamol or ibuprofen can ease any soreness and it will help to stick to a soft diet during this time.

Treatment times vary from patient to patient, but it normally takes 12-24 months for fixed braces to realign teeth. Following treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your teeth in their new position.

Metal Braces

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