At Salisbury Orthodontics, your oral health is our priority. To ensure we get the very best teeth straightening result for you, we offer a variety of orthodontic treatments.

Conventional fixed braces are one of the most common types of orthodontic treatments we offer. When it comes to correcting misaligned teeth and problematic bites, fixed braces are incredibly effective and reliable. Metal braces are a popular choice for teeth straightening due to their reliability and their ability to correct a multitude of issues. They are also affordable and provide long-lasting results.

We have four different types of fixed braces

Metal braces

These consist of metal brackets which are attached to the front surface of your teeth and are connected with a thin metal wire which are held in place with elastics. Brackets are much smaller than they once were and can be customised with coloured elastics. They are an effective and popular way of realigning teeth.

Clear braces

A more discreet option, clear braces use tooth-coloured, ceramic brackets in place of metal ones. This option is perfect for adults and teens who would like to have fixed braces but are worried about how they look.

Damon braces

These braces are “self-ligating” which means there is no need to have elastic ties fitted on the brackets. These braces use low-friction technology to move your teeth which can result in shorter overall treatment times. The absence of elastic ties on the braces means that the intervals between appointments can be longer.

Lingual braces

At Salisbury Orthodontics, we offer Incognito lingual braces. These bespoke, fixed braces fit on the inside surfaces of your teeth, hidden from view when you smile. The brackets are custom-made, moulding perfectly to the shape of your teeth, providing a comfortable fit.

Every individual case is different which is why we’d like to see you before you decide on a treatment. We can help find which option is perfect for you.

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