Why us?


Our orthodontists are fully accredited specialists and are registered with the General Council on the specialist register for orthodontics.

Wide range of straightening options

At Salisbury Orthodontics, we have chosen a range of straightening systems which have been proven to produce fantastic results. From correcting serious bite problems to sorting out minor alignment issues, using fixed braces or clear aligners, we have treatments that deliver the results you want for your smile.

The best tools for the job

Our practice is fully equipped to offer the best standard of orthodontic treatment. We have a 3D scanner that allows us to take digital impressions rather than relying on messy moulds of your teeth. Digital radiography enables us to keep radiation doses as low as possible when we take x-rays. In addition to making it safer and more comfortable for you, it also helps to reduce the amount of waste we produce in the practice, which is better for the environment too.

Extremely friendly team

Choosing to have orthodontic treatment is a big commitment, especially as it involves many appointments and can take several months. Having a friendly and warm welcome every time you arrive makes a huge difference.

Meet the team

Orthodontists vs Dentists

Dentistry as a field of medicine splits into many different disciplines, each which can be studied and researched further at a higher level.

Orthodontics is one of these areas. Orthodontists have completed post-graduate qualifications in order to be registered by the General Dental Council as a specialist.

Dentists can have a special interest in orthodontics, which means they have experience in treating orthodontic cases, but it doesn’t mean that they are a specialist orthodontist.

Dentists can provide orthodontic treatment, but as orthodontists have completed more advanced training and have a more in-depth knowledge of the subject, they are better suited for carrying out more complex treatment.

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